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Protect Your Employees, Prevent Accidents and Injuries, Reduce Workers' Comp. Claims, Comply with Regulatory Requirements
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Tandem Group Education Programs

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Yellow caution tape around machinery.

An Extra Effort for Safety Sake

Highway scene with cars, trucks and RVs.

Driver Safety

Man reviewing lockout tagout procedures.

Lockout-Tagout Procedures

Orange red forklift in use.

Forklift Safety

Magician making coins disappear.

Office Safety:  It's Not Magic

Shot of gloved hand, filing machinery part.

Hand Injury Prevention

Man holding hard hat with one hand and the other hand to his brow.

Overexertion Injury Prevention

Man reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets

Hazard Communication

One person assisting another with breathing mask.

Respiratory Protection

Man in factory wearing ear plugs.

Hearing Conservation

Man standing on plank between two pieces of machinery.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Man in factory applying hazardous materials label to container.


Support Materials.

All Tandem Group Safety Education programs contain a broadcast quality DVD video presentation and a CD-ROM of support material including a Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint™ presentation and Quiz.